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Device Integration

Is your vehicle compatible with modern mobile technology? Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories is the answer to taking your music and communication devices on the road. Thanks to our expert services for iPod car integration, aftermarket Bluetooth installation, and more, you can upgrade your ride with seamless device integration, putting all of the connections you need right in your car’s dash, and at your fingertips. In Milwaukee and beyond, we’re delighted to be your one-stop source for Sirius satellite radio, iPod car stereo integration, and other must-have mobile capabilities. It’s time to link your vehicle to the devices you can’t do without. Contact us today for details and a free estimate on our device integration services!

iPod Integration

Are you ready to put the brakes on annoying and staticky radio stations? We hear you! At Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories, we’ve helped a lot of motorists break free from the misery of radio-only listening with our customized options for iPod in-car integration. Instead of relying on FM radio frequencies to channel your MP3 player, our iPod in car radio connectivity provides excellent sound clarity straight from your existing car audio deck. We can even integrate iPod for your car if your current audio deck is not MP3 compatible. We’ll have you singing along in no time with our iPod car stereo integration services. Simply call us to discuss your needs.

Satellite Radio

Another great option for ditching your conventional car radio is satellite car radio. If you’re fed up with the limited channel selection and station range you’re getting now, then you’re going to love the vast improvement you’ll see when you make the switch to satellite radio car technology. We’re pleased to offer a variety of satellite radio services at Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories, and we can take care of all your hardware and installation requirements. So why wait another day to join the throngs of fans already hooked on Sirius satellite radio? With practically unlimited station reach, static-free audio, and a huge variety of talk, sports, and music channels, it’s time get on board with satellite car radio in your own vehicle. Call to book your appointment today! 

Bluetooth Devices

Handheld cell phones and driving do not mix. In order to keep your hands on the wheel, it’s imperative to communicate via a Bluetooth adapter for your car. Whatever type of vehicle you own, Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories can install Bluetooth for car adaptations, letting you stay safe on the road while using touch-screen operation, voice command, voice texting, and on-screen caller ID. Plus, we can install your Bluetooth device for car as a stand-alone option or as part of a customized, all-inclusive car audio system. You’re bound to be a more alert driver once you free up your hands with aftermarket Bluetooth integration. Contact us to help with Bluetooth for cars, trucks, vans, or virtually any other kind of personal vehicle. We have more than 20 years of combined experience installing mobile electronics and Bluetooth in car devices, so you can feel confident calling on us!

Ignition Interlock Devices

If you’re required to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, we can assist with that as well. We understand the importance of ignition interlock systems for stopping drunk driving, and we’re committed to installing your interlock device with complete accuracy for fail-safe performance. When keeping your driver’s license depends on the installation of an ignition interlock in your car, you can’t afford to take any chances with faulty workmanship. That’s why it’s smart to turn to the skilled installers at Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories for reliable assistance with ignition interlocks. It’s just one more way we can customize your ride with the devices you need. Call us today for any questions about interlock device installation.

For seamless integration of your mobile devices, just pick up the phone and call Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories, your Milwaukee-area resource for complete mobile electronics. The sooner you give us a ring, the quicker we can get to work on adapting your vehicle for iPod car integration, Sirius satellite radio, and so much more. We’re ready to help you get miles and miles of improved safety, convenience, and performance from your vehicle. Contact our licensed and insured professionals now!

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Tint Pros Car & Truck Accessories is Milwaukee’s trusted team for car audio systems and other mobile electronics. We specialize in custom vehicle upgrades from remote starter installs to car window tinting to mobile video and more. Stellar workmanship and professional service are the bedrock values of our local car audio shop. We even work on motorcycle and marine stereos!


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